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MUSE (+Biffy Clyro) Cologne 2009 MUSE private concert Casino de Paris 2010 Thu&Fr Rock am Ring 2010 (esp. RATM!) Sat. Rock am Ring 2010 (MUSE, 30STM,...) Sun. Rock am Ring 2010 (HIM, CN, Hives,...) 30STM (+Carpark North) Oberhausen 2010 Carpark North (+ Puggy) Frankfurt 2011 Carpark North
Bochum Total 2011
Zwetschgenfest Bühl 2011
Carpark North (+Rubylux), Bochum Matrix 2011 Dream Theater (+Periphery), Rockhal 2012


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Dream Theater Rockhal 29.2.2012

Intro ('Dream is Collapsing' from Inception movie)

The Root of All Evil

Beneath The Surface (acoustic)

Small bit of 'The Silent Man (acoustic) with mostly LaBrie talking about the song and his microphone stand

Beginning of Mike Manginis (over 5 minutes long) drum solo

6 minutes from 'Outcry' including Petrucci Solo

War Inside My Head + Part from 'The Test That Stumped Them All'

Mix of various short clips (lots of Petrucci)

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