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MUSE (+Biffy Clyro) Cologne 2009 MUSE private concert Casino de Paris 2010 Thu&Fr Rock am Ring 2010 (esp. RATM!) Sat. Rock am Ring 2010 (MUSE, 30STM,...) Sun. Rock am Ring 2010 (HIM, CN, Hives,...) 30STM (+Carpark North) Oberhausen 2010 Carpark North (+ Puggy) Frankfurt 2011 Carpark North
Bochum Total 2011
Zwetschgenfest Bühl 2011
Carpark North (+Rubylux), Bochum Matrix 2011 Dream Theater (+Periphery), Rockhal 2012


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To feel pain to feel love and be inspired.... it's the Power to Dream.

A Sound Mind

Again I ask myself the question: Why do shit bands sell records while the good ones split up?
I'm shocked by the news that these guys decided to part ways so I want to leave a Comment here to their honour. Their music is so very special and inspiring.
So often during the last 2 and 1/2 years THEY were the ones comforting me with their sound and giving me strenght to go on. Not Muse or sth. It was them although they were never among my Top 5 favorite-band list.

"The amazing pre-release success of ‘Harmonia’ not only has the music industry in a state of shock but is living proof of how independent Artists no longer have to be dictated to by major record companies. Without a major record company, in-store distribution or major radio play, A Sound Mind have sold 40,000 copies in Europe and Australia. .. "

I have great respect for being so independent. They sold records by letting people listen to their record in the pedestrian zone and then letting them pay wathever price they think the record was worth.

You can bring change with faith in yourself once again
Don't let yourself destroy yourself
You ain't good to no-one unless your alive and breathing yourself
Your only an aid to someone if you yourself are fine
Didn’t want to wake up didn’t want to see daylight
In a deep dark sea I was drowning

But I’d rather live than die
To feel pain to feel love and be inspired
It’s the power to dream
The power to dream
It’s the power to build, the power feel, the power to heal & the power to kneel
It’s the power to know, the power to grow, the power to hold and to let go
It’s the power to dream, the power to dream, the power to dream, the power to dream…..

After all the overcome fears & flaws
After all the windmills and the unlocked doors
Tear drops, battle wounds and scars
After all the long walks underneath the stars

I wont let myself fall for you

Cause Im afraid of losing you
Im afraid of losing you

It seems like honesty is the best policy here
So lets not stagnate lets move ahead
Not crumble but grow apart instead
Our weaknesses we won’t cave into
We’ll focus our energy on the new
We’ll lead to completely separate lives
Cause when our tangents cross our worlds collide

I didn’t mean to make you cry
I didn’t mean to hurt you

Open your eyes
Open up your eyes
Open your eyes
Open up your eyes

Im On the drug that I like to call life
Almost stopped breathing but I’ve come back to life

Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,
cause I can feel something coming on
My heart’s beginning to race
Ripples turning into waves

Closer & closer
Deeper & deeper
Further & Further
Into the unknown

Deep below the surface there’s a whole nother world
But there’s only very few of us who know about it
Just as long as there’s no walls between us

Wake me up from the bad dream I am having
Cause I’m too wrapped up in myself & I am forgetting
All about you.
'Cause even now with so much gone
there's still so much left
The scars and the wounds only run skin deep
they're repairable
You say that to live life without risk
is to risk living
And that anything less that complete
and utter passion
Is a complete waste of your time
Well I show you and you show me
I grow you, you grow me
its worth keeping
I love you, you love me
I heal you, you heal me, its worth fixing
'Cause I say a life without you is a life
hardly worth living
Is your world full of devastation, delusion & chaos
Disappointment & broken promise
Do you gaze up at the stars and wonder
What’s out there for me?

♥ Thank You for 2 1/2 years full of bliss and beauty ♥
30.12.11 11:05


You might know me as Coyblythe from various homepages. I'm 20 years old, from germany and studying political science at university.

This page is all about the concerts I go to. I'm writing a report for each and share all material like pictures I collected. You can find them in a seperate category on the right side.

28.7.11 23:32

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