...until Bakkushan in Cologne


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MUSE (+Biffy Clyro) Cologne 2009 MUSE private concert Casino de Paris 2010 Thu&Fr Rock am Ring 2010 (esp. RATM!) Sat. Rock am Ring 2010 (MUSE, 30STM,...) Sun. Rock am Ring 2010 (HIM, CN, Hives,...) 30STM (+Carpark North) Oberhausen 2010 Carpark North (+ Puggy) Frankfurt 2011 Carpark North
Bochum Total 2011
Zwetschgenfest Bühl 2011
Carpark North (+Rubylux), Bochum Matrix 2011 Dream Theater (+Periphery), Rockhal 2012


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You might know me as Coyblythe from various homepages. I'm 20 years old, from germany and studying political science at university.

This page is all about the concerts I go to. I'm writing a report for each and share all material like pictures I collected. You can find them in a seperate category on the right side.

The main page with the blog entries is all about me planing concerts, introducing new music or just spread some news about bands I love.

Furthermore each band that was able to get a part of my heart got a own page linked on the right side too. On these band pages I give a more detailed introduction on who they are and why their music became a big part of my daily life.

I will also try to make you listen to these bands in order to become a fan. So if you don't want to find out about new music you should not read (and listen to) this category - it's full of advert

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