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Casino de Paris 2010

Date: 25th of May 2010
Location: Casino de Paris, France
Capacity: 1.000
Support Act: -
Place: changing between 3 until 7th row on Chris' side
Rating:3 out of 5 stars

Pictures: Facebook-Gallery

"I apologize in advance for bad playing and pawwticulawly bad pwonunciation."

*start's playing 'I Belong to You'*
*998 crazy french people totally freaking out on his french lyrics*

"Weeeeponsssee a ma tendwessä verseezz moiii"

I won 2 so called "VIP" ticket's for that show. Muse had a kind of contest on their homepage where you had to find little hidden pictures on their homepage. 10 of them and each had a seperate e-mail adress. You had to write an email to every adress you've found and they more you had the bigger your chances were.

I just participated for fun and then I've won and I still feel very privileged although I didn't enjoyed the concert as much as I enjoyed Cologne.

Lot of stress getting train ticket's last minutes + it was really expensive so we had GREAT expectations the boys just couldn't met.

All started when my friend's train came 50minutes later than expected. So we arrived at the venue sth like 13:00pm. But even when would ahve been there at 1pm the situation would be the same:

I checked the venue first at 11am and I've seen sth more than 20 french fans already waiting. And because my mobile phone didn't worked I couldn't call my friend and tell him that I'd wait in front of the venue. I had to pick him up at the train station.

Well and after we picked up our wrist bands we sat in the sun and waited. Only interrupted by photographers, interviewers and finally jubilation when the boys arrived.

All of a sudden everyone was on their feet screaming as if the concert already started. The thing was... we couldn't see inside of the cars so we screamed at some car's (2 of them maybe 10 minutes in between) that entered the underground Carpark 20 meters away from us. It was really fun to watch the reactions of the passerbys xDD

At 19:30pm we got inside the venue (managed to get sth between 5th and 7th row)and waited until 20:30pm or sth when the concert finally started.

It was hot inside and french fans (especially the boys surrounding me) seem to be really rude. It's really cool when you have fun at a gig and jump around but it was not comparable to german concert's. If you ask me germans are taking more care for each other and they are very "well-behaved" (Morten from CN said this and I like the expression). I experienced such for example during RATM at Rock am Ring. We had as much fun as the french but without hurting each other.

The the consequence was that half of me always had to concentrate on getting fresh air, defending my place, not getting hurt by elbows and trying to get a glance at the boys.

Maybe that's the reason why my feelings for that concert are very unemotional when I look back. In Cologne we stood first row, had enough space to jump and could at the same time see EVERYTHING. I wasn't able to fully concentrate on the band in Paris. I think their performance was good although the lineup was a bit Cheesy. Special highlights:

- Neutron Star Collision
- Bliss
- I Belong to You

Of course I enjoyed these first ever performances of IBTY and NSC and Bliss was really special too. But the other side of the coin was that there was no Stockholm Syndrome, New Born, Exo I, Time is Running Out,... Don't even let me start on my hopes for Dead Star or Citizen Erased which seem very naive today.

So my highlight of the show wasn't a certain song but....

♥♥ CHRIS ♥♥

Without Chris I probably would have been really disappointed after the concert but he lightened up the whole experience. I admire this man for all he is and all he is doing.

1) I was able to see him. Matt was just too small XD 2) Chris was the only one who gave me the feeling that he actually see's me, is aware of my presence.
In Cologne I had this feeling with every band member (16k people) but in that small venue I felt like 1 out of 1.000.000.

Only Chris managed to give everyone the feeling that he know's that you're there.

I had the feeling (it's obvious that it was just an illusion) our eyes met few times. But he is always able to give this illusion to thousands of people wich makes me love that man even more.

And there was another thing I recognized on Chris:
He seemed to be SO happy. You could tell that Buster (his 5th child) was on it's way. In Paris I finally understood why people call him a permanent-grinning smoker. I didn't noticed in Cologne he was smiling all the time and headbanging and...just Chris the way he's my favorite band member these days (he wasn't back in Paris).

Finally I have to add sth else...
It's right that some french fans are extremly crazy. But on the other hand they are not as "crazy" as everyone is saying. There were parts of the crowd that were SO extremely lame. I expected more of "Muse's favorite fan's"

However... I appreciate my price and I enjoyed the concert in a way because they probably will never play such a small venue again (they are filling bigger ones better anyway if you ask me). I jumped all the time, singing along but... If I had to pay for it things would look quite different now...just don't look a gift horse in the mouth

And to add one last thing:

I've been a massive Muse-lover before the gig and now (bit more than 1 year later) I am as obsessed as earlier or even a more addicted. My love for Muse wasn't wounded by this concert experience in any way it stayed strong and probably will be strong for the next few years too. I just think I should be as honest about their gig's as I am about any other band. Muse should not get special treatment.

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