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Rock am Ring 2010 Thursday and Friday
Date: 3th /4th June 2010
Location: Nürburgring
  • Tuesday: KISS and H-Blockxx
  • Friday: Fertig Los!, Lissie, Ellie Goulding, OneRepublic, Kate Nash, [change to Mainstage]Rage Against The Machine
Place: Mainstage close to the beer tents on Thursday. Changing location on Friday (see below)
Ratings:see below for each artist


Pictures: Just a few Pics from the whole weekend in my Facebook-Gallery



Lenght:45 minutes
Knew them before?No, never heard of them before
Rating:4 out of 5
Special award for incredible crowd interaction

They performed as opening Band for the whole festival weekend and only followed by KISS on Thursday.

After we build up our tent we decided that it would be kinda fun to watch them Thursday programe although we were not interested in the bands.

I'm glad we made our way from the camping area.

H-Blockx did such an awesome performance. Never heard of them before but they totally made me feel the RaR-Feeling.

Looking back on the weekend and the bands I've seen they are easily under the Top 3 bands who intereacted with the crowd best. That's why I embeded the video on the right.

Uploaded by YT user 'MEiiiV9RMUSIC'. I own nothing.
Just take a look at how they made the crowd move. We were standing behind the beer tents we couldn't see the stage (only on screens) but everyone was just freaking out. They even made all of us kneel down and then jump at the same time. I know the concept is pretty old but it was SO much fun.

I also think they deserve even more respect because I've heard they were just a replacement act for another band. When that other band refused to come H-Blockx had to prepare this show in a really short time and their singer said they were actually SO nervous playing infront of so many people.

They did great and even though I'm not listening to their stuff so often these days I'd go and see them play live every time again when they'll play RaR again.


Lenght:120 minutes
Knew them before?Just their 'I was told..' Song and their weird appearance
Rating:2 out of 5

I'm asking myself why I even make the effort to write about them. They were so extremly boring.

Sometimes shooting fireworks out of your guitar, flying over the crowd and showing your disgusting tongue piercing doesn't make a show good.

My mood was getting worse with every song they played. All their special effects were so annoying because they just revealed that their show would be nothing without them. Also their singer was so annoying with his "Peopleeee" every few minutes.

I decided to give 2 instead of 1 star because I found it kind of impressing that they still seem to enjoy themselves while playing music. But these 120 Minutes were a total waste of time and I was wondering why H-Blockx weren't the main act for that day cause they did so much better.


Fertig, Los! / Lissie / Ellie Goulding /Kate Nash(Alternastage)
Lenght:all together 145 minutes
Knew them before?Kate Nash's name felt quite familiar but didn't knew any of their music
Rating:Don't want to give a rating cause I can barely remember their shows but Kate Nash was by far the worst and 'Fertig, Los!' the "best" if you want to use this word
Place: Maybe 3th or 4th row in the middle

We started our day at the Alternastage because we wanted to see OneRepublic and my friend also wanted to watch Kate Nash (she was playing right after them).

Fertig, Los were 'Ok' I think. Here are a few things I still remember 1 year later:

  • Their singer was good looking and sweet xD
  • There were some lyrics where I really felt sorry for them because they were really random and not really good. But also some interesstng and nice lyrics parts as well
  • Their bass player was a girl. She was wearing a really short nice dress and the way she played bass was really cool to watch. That was actually the first and until now the only girl I've evern seen playing bass guitar in a band. Really cool girl I think.

All together they were not annoying at all but there are better bands playing music with german lyrics. But there is still hope that they'll get better and they were the best from the artists about.

Ellie Goulding & Lissie were both so extremly boring and so similar that I can't even tell who was who xD. I only remember that one of them (I think it was Goulding) was wearing a HIM-Shirt which was the only highlight of her show. They were both playing acoustic guitar singing naive lovesongs. That's all I can say about them.

Kate Nash was so extremly tiring that I don't feel sorry to say that her show was (together with one other artist on saturday) by far the worst I've seen over the whole weekend.

Her songs were as boring as the ones from Goulding and Lissie with the only difference that I experienced her as a really really vain, bitchy, arrogant, aggressive and infantile artist while the other two women were at least really nice and likeable as persons acting on stage. But Kate Nash was getting more and more pissed because of the audience with every song. Of course she noticed that no one liked her show and so she was acting really offended and it looked like she was about to leave the stage before the show was even half over. In the end she climbed on the piano, jumped around really aggressive and then left the stage. The way she treated the piano was way too rude. I am a fan of guitar smashing and so on but that's not a way to treat a piano just because you're feeling offended by the crowd. All of us were just so happy when she finally left the stage after torturing us for whole 45 minutes.


Lenght:40 minutes
Knew them before?Maybe 3 of their radio songs. I thought that the rest was a bit boring when I listened to 'Waking Up' before the festival.
Rating:4,5 out of 5
Special mention for making the crowd move and creting a wonderful atmosphere.
Place: Still 3th or 4th row in the middle

OneRepublic were so awesome. Seriously I never ever thought I could enjoy their show so much. Heard one of their records before but found it really boring and then they entered the stage and was just like... WOW.

I had this prejudice that they are a covered band and so on however.... They were so extremely talented I couldn't believe it! Just watching the singer playing instruments... he's definateley a little virtuose.

And there was that other guy playing a cello once... very intense I liked it.

During their show I felt like being part of a big gospel experience. It was jsut sth in the atmosphere idk. I can't remember the details since it's more than a year ago but I know that they were worth all the waiting with Kate Nash andso on.
Woahhh and I nearly touched the singer xDD He was right at the barrier were we stand but I missed him by centimeters uu

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