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Bochum 2011
Date: 22th July 2011
Location: Bochum Total (festival - free entry)
Capacity: 160k. Don't know how many watched CN.
Support Act: None. But "Flo Mega" played before
Place: first row middle between Søren and Lau
Rating:4/5 stars for the show but 5/5 for the whole day experience


Pictures: selection posted in my Muse-Gallery. With comments. Also pictures on my Facebook

Videos: Here embed on this blog (uploaded with youtube)

So this is my report for Bochum Total or to be more concrete... only about Carpark North at Bochum Total because Flo Mega was horrible and we didn't even considered to watch that Casper guy.

As I already said after Frankfurt it was the same here again: I expected nothing else than a brilliant concert and it was even better... not to say PERFECT!. Everything went well we met the guys like 3 times and they were soooooo nice to us.

I got up really early in the morning and finished my part of the fan-present during the train ride. We prepared a handwritten book called „German for beginners“ in danish-german language for each of them. I wrote the book for Morten (that's their drummer).

Well when I finally arrived at Bochum being 90 minutes later than planned we made our way to the stage wich was completely empty which was actually perfect because we had concrete thoughts about where to get our barrier place wich was in the middle between Søren and Lau :D

We picked up 2 friends at 2pm and that was when we were about to meet them for the first time.We sat down at the barrier again and then one of us was like „OMFG that's Morten !!“. Also the other guys were doing things on stage and C. Was brave enough to scream Lau's name until he recognized us. She asked him if he could come down for a second because we got presents for them. We were toally flashed when he really did although it seemed like they were kind of busy. Then we asked him to bring Søren and Morten too because C. And me wanted to hand our books personally.
Lau (singer,guitarist) & Me

The guys seemed so extremly surprised and happy about our surprise although I painted the english flag instead of the danish into Morten's book * epicfacepalm *

Lau was always like „Oh my god that is SO cool thank you so much!“ and they were actually reading it while we were talking (at least 20 minutes mabye more :D).

Morten (drummer) & Me
And Morten (u know I wrote the book for him ) was the best xD The first thing he discoverd was that envelope with „Swear words“ written on it. When Lau later was about to open it he told him that there are actually no swear words. You know we put a sheet of paper inside saying that we don't want to be the ones responsible for their bad german and so we would'nt teach them any swearwords xD.

Here are some other notes of these 20 minutes:

  • Søren gave C. one of his own personal T-shirts for free because they are not sold anymore. He said that it's washed but honestly.... it smelled like him and we found bunchs of hair on it.... made it even more special xD
  • When we asked them for T-shirts or a merch stand in general they were SO helpful.
    Søren went backstage and when he returned he told us that the bus with the merch is locked and he couldn't find the guy with the keys. But later he carried a gigantic box with T-shirts which was sooo sweet xD
  • Lau thought I got a black soul („mabye“ xD) I wanted to buy that T-Shirt with the weird structure on it and they got it in white and black. I asked what colour they think I should buy because I couldn't decide what colour to take:

Lau: Well mabye you should take the white one... just for a change *looking at my black logo shirt *
Me: Well yes but... I love black although I know I got too many black stuff but I love it :D
Lau: Well then you should take the black one of course
Me: But.... people might think I got a black soul....?
Lau: Maybe you have *weird look* *laughs *

  • When Lau and Søren were backstage for a moment to look for the T-Shirt's again Morten stayed with us and... he actually talked to us xD
    Well and we eg. talked about 30 Seconds to Mars and he thinks they don't have enough material to play a 2 hours show and that it's kind of a one-man-show and Jared's ego is pretty big.
    That made me love him because that's exactly what I think :D

  • When we took pictures (group pictures and each of us three got a single pic with each band member) Morten was still SO addicted to his/mine book he was holding it into the camera on EVERY picture even the group one which we noticed later.

  • Somehow Lau managed to change his clothes during these 20 minutes and no one noticed it xD
    We suppose he's a little diva and changed the clothes for the pictures xDD

    C. Made sure that it's not just stupid support shows again... we're talking about REAL shows... I was about to hug them but the barrier was in the way that made me SO SO SO happy. Happier than nearly everything else this day because I know I will see them again this year and I can already start saving money.

Søren (bass, keys and other strange things) & Me
  • When we gave the money for the T-Shirts to Søren he got it all in his right hand and somehow it looked really amuseing so I couldn't resist (2 Muse-ref's in 1 sentence... yeah 8-)) saying „Now you're a rich man 8-)“ and Søren was like „Yeahhhhhhhh 8-) *laughs * getting his hand with the money up in the air like he just won a race or sth* "
    That was actually SO funny to see his facial expression this moment xDD

We talked a lot more but I want to keep some special moments right in my head at only share them with myself because I appreciate it so much that they talked to us for so long

Flo Mega

I don't need to say antyhing about them because they are so bad. That singer type of guy was a bit strange with his dancing style. The only good thing about their show was that the guitar player was actually good looking and he had a cool guitar.

The Concert

I am so proud of us. That was my first CN concert where I could really scream as loud as I wanted to because the other girls were loud too and singing along. The Casper fans were a bit annoying though. They were honestly worried by our behaviour and telling us to be quiet xDD And when we left after CN they were like „WTF how can one be so stupid to leave right before Casper?“. I just ask myself the question why people can be so stupid not to recognize good music when it's right infront of their noses...

But the concert...
Unfortunateley they didn't play Heart of Me or any other song like Wild Wonders u know... a real surprise so to say. But this was predictable in a way. They only had 45 minutes to play so we needed to put all our energy into these 45 minutes and not the usual 90.

That actually felt really good for me because for longer concerts (or if you plan to see more bands during a festival) I always have to consider my condition. You know when I'm seeing Muse live I take a minute or two relaxing during Exo I because I know that (usually) Stockholm Syndrome is to follow and so on.

But their show was too short anyway They played their great, phenomenal, popular awesome hit's and that was already the end of the show. When they left the stage for the encore I was like „This is a joke isn't it !?“ because it was kinda strange to do an encore when you're only playing so few songs anyway. So that was maybe also the reason why so few people were actually realising that there will be an encore at all. Of course Casper-fans were already screaming his name which was just SO rude. We gave our best to scream „We want more!“ but it felt like we were nearly the only ones doing so

However their show was brilliant as I expected. Security was glaring ut us like we're maniacs, photgraphers loved our enthusiasm and took a lot of photos as you can see on the right xD
They loved our flag and I felt like I'm posing for pictures half of the time.

However for Søren and Lau I can say that it seemed like they didn't noticed us for most of the show xD
Morten of course looked at us from time to time and grinned at our flag but the other 2....My suggestion would be that they felt ashamed of our loud screaming like "omgomgomg I'll act like I've seen nothing. They don't belong to us... *afraid*". But okay Lau can also blame his absolutely beutiful glasses XD

If I had to rate the concert only considering their show I'd choose 4 out of 5 stars.

But it's not really CN's fault they lost this 1 star. There are several reasons:

  • too short. What about just getting Casper out of the line-up and give more time to the cool artists?

  • There was not enough space to jump and my shoulders were hurting from time to time. Reminded me of Mainstage Saturday RaR 2010.

  • I missed the intimacy from Frankfurt. It was so much better having them so close to you so you had to watch out not to be hit by Sørens Bass guitar. Missed that but it was nothing the boys could have changed.

After the concert

As you probably can remember I mentioned more than 1 meeting earlier. So there are still 2 of them to come.

Like I said we left the barrier right after their show.
Close to the back entrance of the stage we met other girls from the german Support page. We originally planned to meet for the concert but that's what happens when you don't exchange phone numbers... we just haven't seen them earlier.

At the back entrance we also saw 2 fans really weird and crazy. That was the first time I considered that CN might have weird fans around the world although these two weren't too bad at all xD

The guys came out to greet the fans waiting (maybe 15? I'm not so sure) and they took photos with everyone. I think that was a really nice thing to do so everyone got the chance to meet them

We didn't had the desire to involve them into conversation again because we felt "our 20 minutes" before the show were already more than the other fans had so we basically watched the scene.... later from the side of the street sitting on the ground.

And that was also when the first phase of realising how awesome this day was kicked in. Our feet were warm and burning, we felt how loads of adrenaline left our veins and we were just happy enjoying the early evening not feeling any desire to talk with each other.

Yeahyeah you can never have enough pictures xD I just needed to get one with Sørens hawt T-Shirt and glasses u know ;D

C. also gave our flag to Lau. She said that he said to her that he'll put on on his wall at home. His poor wife xDDD But that's so cool :D

Well when we left this place we searched for the Merch Stand Søren mentioned during the show. I had to exchange the Shirt's I brought earlier because I noticed too late that it was MEN L size xD
And than I saw him.
Before I could tell the others they were already like "OMG look it's Søren!!"

Yes. That guy just played an exhausting concert, payed attention to loads of fans taking one photo after the other and now he was standing behind that Merch stand selling their T-Shirts instead of taking a break. Mind-blowing. My respect for him grew again.

But somehow Søren had serious problems memorizing my exchange wishes xDD After he left 1st time to get the Shirts I wanted he returned with a somehow embarrassed expression because he had to ask again which L. and Me found so funny.
We had a lot of fun telling both guys over and over again (there was a german BTotal guy too) what we wanted while pointing at the T-Shirts while saying "Ssssss.....and Mmmmmmm". In the End I got the M-Shirt in S and the S-Shirt in M because the others were already sold but however awesome Shirt I got <3

One last highlight of the day was that I talked about Muse with Søren. Since Frankfurt I always wanted to ask him if he knows them because his signature looks a bit like their logo. You know... line on the bottom, line on top and block letters in between.

I hope I didn't hurt his feelings when I asked him if there is a link.... he replied that he designed it himself years ago... sounds a bit like he felt attacked for stealing ideas or sth which wasn't intended at all xDD

However I asked him about his favorite Muse Album. He asked me what's the name of the one before 'Black Holes and Revelations', I told him it's Absolution and he was like "yeahhh I love that one". It made me so proud that he knew the correct title of BHaR and also loves one of their best records. And it was a good choice to say Absolution because If he said 'Origin of Symmetry' I probably would have freaked out completely since it's maybe my favorite one xDD.

But by mentioning Absolution (which was in fact my first ♥-Album when I became a fan back in the day) I was able to keep my fangirling about Muse inside of me which was definately a good thing.

Well after we talked to him for another 10 minutes we decided (without talking about it) that it's time to go. We all had the same feeling that we bothered them long enough and that it would be good to be the ones ending the conversation. So we wished Søren all the best for him and the other guys, a good trip home, thanked him for the day and then left him there with that german T-Shirt guy.
C. said that she believes that he seemed a bit surprised by the rapid end of the conversation and that he really enjoyed it and looked a bit "disappointed" that we just leave him.... I wasn't really watching his reaction close enough to say sth about that but maybe that would be a sign that they actually weren't annoyed by our behaviour or sth like that which would be a good thing :D

Well after we left we totally freaked out at the train station, said goodbye to L. (very sad ), went to C. talked the whole night and then I took the train home plus I also got 5,40€ back for my train ticket because I complained that the train to Bochum was 80-90 minutes too late :D

Haha and I also met a professional Poker Player with long hair, awesome eyes and just a soooo adorable appearance.. and btw very nice also... That was on the train back and I really regreted that I had to leave the train but anyways....

Result of the concert: 45 hours without sleep but totally worth it ♥♥♥

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