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Frankfurt 2011
Date: 23th April 2011
Location: Das BETT, Frankfurt
Capacity: 400 (only 150 visitors afik)
Support Act: Puggy
Place: first row standing-room infront of Søren, close to Lau
Rating:5 out of 5 star's, trend upwards.


Pictures: posted in my Muse-Gallery. With comments

Meeting Lau.....
Me and my friend F. met at the venue at least 5 hours before entrance. We're proper Muser's so that was nearly too late for what we're used to xD
Then we made our way from the Carpark to check the venue....
Me: OMG AHHHH F.! Do you see that !?!?!
F: ?
Me: That's Lau :O (standing ~50meter's away from us)
Me: OMG let's go away he might see us!!!

*spending some time in a super market just so we don't look like weirdos, stalkers, wathever*

*returning to the venue not expecting anything to happen*
- Lau coming down the small path beside the venue we're on. No place to hide -
*ahhh what shall I say...???* erm Hi... you're the singer? (*facepalms in my head*)

-5 Minutes Later-
Me: well... he's Just Human (juhhhh noticeddd?)

Yes... as you can see from above this was my first band-meeting experience. The first time I saw one of the band member's my heart was beating way too fast. But things were meant to get even better...


I had seen Cn 2 times before Frankfurt. First time was Rock am Ring. I hated them so much I was just begging that they'd leave the stage asap. I don't know why. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was Lau wearing sunglasses (I don't like musicians hiding their eyes). Or maybe it was my incomprehension concerning electronic music (still don't really like it despite CN).

So when I brought my ticket to 30STM in Oberhausen I expected NOTHING from their support act and everything from Jared and his guys..
In the end Jared was "fuckin sick" and the band played a horrible concert with loony "Echelons".

Well.... and Carpark North made the ticket price worth it. They were better than the main act and from the moment they played "The Beast's" I knew that I was wrong with hating them at RaR.

I became a fan afterwards and so I was freaking out when I heard that they'd play Frankfurt.
Even my biggest hopes seem to be pale now compared to what really happened. So this concert easily made it's way to be my 2nd favorite I've ever been to.

First I'd like to tell you about the show itself and their support act Puggy and afterwards I'll say sth about anything else


Ich checked their music before the concert and I really really love it. So I knew most of the lyrics and knew how they look like and it seemed like I was the only one. I was already singing along to their soundcheck... the girls around me seemed really worried about me xD

The band member's (left to right) are called Matt (singer), Romain (Bass) and Ziggy ♥♥♥ (drums). When we got inside the venue I ended up really really close to Ziggy's drums.
I've never ever seen such a funny drummer :D He was playing drums while singing, while playing a keyboad sometimes and at the same time glaring at us all the time in a way we totaly lost the plot and giggled all the time.

Filmed by YT-User 'deribaucourt' in Brusseles. I own nothing Here's a drum solo he did during Teaser (my ♥-Song from them) filmed in Brussels.
My affection for long-haired guys didn't helped that much.... that guy was SO awesome. And also such a good singer like you can see here (and he's doing these glares a talked about in this vid too <3).

But not only Ziggy turned out to be an good musician. I'm not that much into that instrument but Matt's skills on the acoustic guitar seemed impressive to me (don't let me start on his singing talent..). And also Romain was really interessting to watch. Once when he did a cool move with his bass guitar I screamed at him (forgetting that I'm in a small club and already the loudest) and he looked really shoked and then grinned XD Guess he didn't expected someone to behave like a crazy fangirl *blushes*

They played my favorite songs and some more. From my conversation's with other people I think they did really good. During the end the audience was really loud and everyone I talked to seems to love their music now. Considering that it was their first show in germany EVER (they told us after the concert) it was really sucessful.

Although for me knowing all their stuff I felt really strange being the only one to sing along and stuff... Puggy are one of these bands I really really hope they'll return here one day (hopefully with CN again). I'll be there.

Caaaaaaaaaaaarpark North ♥

Wow. Never been that close to a stage. My camera had really hard times lying on the edge of the stage and I'm suprised it wasn't damaged by Søren's jumping :D

I found out that my place right in front of Søren was the best place to be. He is such an amazing musician to watch play. May it be on the key's or his uncontrollable jumping around with the bass guitar. And he's a really good singer too as well as Morten.

But let's start at the beginning:
They started their set with 'Burn It'. That song really rocks. Perfect as an opener although the crowd was a bit quiet at first. I was already freaking out again and trying to convince the people around me to at least clap their hands. Was a bit hard at times because some of the people came there (I think all of them 30STM fans) only knowing some songs and they behaved a bit reserved. But still the atmosphere was really good. 'Best Days' turned out to be quiet good since it has never been one of my favorite songs. But it's kinda cool live. And I was rewarded with my first favorite song 'The Beast's'. And I was SO glad that I was not the only one bursting out in uncontrollable scream's of joy because of this song.

My 1st Highlight was followed bei 'Lost (Peace)' (My heart will buuuuurn for uhhhhhhhhhhhuhuhu) and one of my favorite song's called 'More'. Søren asked "Do you want More? Do you really want MORE!?!?" and we were screaming like the end of the world and I was just thinking gawwwwwd just play it I'm dying here <33. And they played it.

After that they played 'Homeland', a song from their 1st album. Can't remember that they played it. But it was a good song to chill out from the exhausting songs before. And I think it's really cool that they played such an 'old' song (although I'd prefer 40 Days or Wild Wonders or There's a Place orr Kiss me, or... ♥ ) .

Then my 2nd Highlight was to follow: 'Fireworks'. Oh my gawwdd. That song.I wasn't really "adoring" it before the gig but the liveversion....that was such an intense moment....There was a voice of a jung woman at the beginning and... well I can't remember every detail but what I can remember is that I thought that there must be sth more about that 'Alice' the lyrics refers to.

Next song was 'Shutdown'"Shutdooown and I am not afraid..." another fav song (I know I have too many) with a fluent transition to 'Eric Prydtz' a remix of Pink Floyd, Eurhytmics and Coldplay's Clocks. That Mix ROCKS. There's no other way to put it. Finally the people knew the lyrics and even the prudest Echelon dare to make a sound.... Enjoyed it very much although I found it a bit annoying that they put the original singing voices into the mix.... would have been cooler if only the crowd sings the lyrics but on the other hand it only works when the crowd is actually singing wich wasn't always the case in frankfurt.

Next song 'Leave My Place'was a highlight for the german Facebook Support. We planned to hold up a bunch of these papers at the same time (pic on the left). Colors were black, red and yellow... u know.. GERMAN ;D
And although the surprise didnt worked out as good as we hoped it would I think the guys liked it

Next Song was my very very very Highlight. 'Heart of Me'.
Never liked that song very much but that version blew me away. Just the three band Member's on stage (Morten on the keys) and it was such an intense moment when they played that song slower and more quiet than usual. My favorite part was Søren singing 'I want to live and learn to love'. Honestly... I nearly cried. You know these moment's when you watch a true-passionate musician play music and there are moment's when you look into his eyes and it seems like the entire soul of the singer is reflected in his shimmering eyes? Then you know how Søren made me feel these 3 seconds.
filmed at the Berlin-Concert by yt-user 'BloodCountessV'. I own nothing.

The whole audience was dead-quiet (unlike the Berlin crowd in the vid -.-)and when they finished the club literally exploded. After the concert everyone was just talking about Morten. Amazing singing skills. And I think such is not very usual for a drummer (no MUSE referrence here. Dom *cough*Dom...). So all 3 of them are amazing singer's and their voices combined in that song and No Fan expecting such a Song..... my highlight as I said before.

Next song was my favorite song 'Tansparent & Glasslike'. When someone asks me to say what's the first thing on my mind when I think about CN it would be that woahahahahoooo thing between Lau & the audience during that song. Like I always think about the Starlight Clapping rythm when I think 'bout Muse and so on....Here's a video F. made during that song in Frankfurt. I made it start when this crowd-singing kicks in.

Søren after T&G: "Erm... If you think this is a... do you think...think the concert has gotten better? .... after before the first songs?
Lau: Can you say this in GERMAN pls?
*audience agree's by screaming*
Søren: Eeeerrmmmmmm....*says sth german* (can't remember)*
We had german at school but we tend to forget it...
Audience: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
Søren: Yeah..... :/
-the 2 made the offer that we should come down (to the merch stand) and teach them some german while they in return would teach us some danish- [.....]
Søren:: We'll be there...signing some CD's..If you don't think the concert was THAT good and you don't want to meet us then just join our facebook. That's pretty easy. But we love you so we want to be friends with you

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww ♥♥♥

Next song 'Just Human' was their most popular. You could thell by the crowd reaction. Finally all the quiet girl's were jumping too...Wish the whole concert would be that loud with everyone singing along. Video is also shoot by F. I am right infront of the camera xD
Oh and that was also the song I collected the most sweat and spittle from Søren - that's Rock N' Roll man 8-)
Yes it's Frankfurrtttt uhhh noticeeedddd?

Next Song was 'Save me From Myself', very beautiful, followed by a break and then 'Everything start's again'. Such beautiful songs...
Oh and at the beginning of ESA we had a song contest wich was SO much fun :D We were in Søren's 'Team' and the other half of the audience was Lau's Team. Lau just told his team that they should scream "OHHHH" when he raises his hand. When he was finnished Søren said to our team: "Well it's just the same with my team.... we only do better" hehe. And if you ask me our team won :D The transition to Everything Starts again was fluent and really cool.

(btw did you know that (as a interview claims) the lyrics to Save me From Myself were written in a Skype concersation? :D)

Now they played the last song
'Shall We Be Grateful' is the song I'm listening to most often - my Lastfm CN-Statistic say's that :D
We should be grateful, we should be true
The guys got a really long and loud applouse and all was well. End of an amazing show

Meeting Experiences

For me being used to crowds 10k people and bigger this was a completely new experience with 150 people. Ans that's why I was also blown away by how familiar these bands behaved.

They were so close all the time that there was absolutely no reason for being to nervous to be around them. Puggy were lying in the sun 5 meters away from us, CN had their diner right before the show even closer to us and they were going in and out of the venue right where we sat down so it was so easy talking to them.

And if that's not enough they had a signing session right after the gig and there was also the chance to talk to the boys from Puggy too.

Don't want to repeat every little detail here but here are my expressions from the persons in the band's:

Puggy: Really nice guys. Although at first I thought Matthew (the singer) was a bit vain the way he was lying in the sun with his sunglasses. Just like saying "heyy I'm a star I'm over here why don't you freak out??" but no one was actually recognizing them xD

But I was wrong they are all so nice. Had a really nice chat with Ziggy and Matt about how Matt forbid Ziggy to throw drumsticks at perons since a girl got hurt in France. He was a bit shocked when I asked them to sign the drumstick I got from Ziggy because he feared that he drew it at me xD
But actually I just took the stick from his kit and later asked him if that's okay for him ^^

Then later outside we also talked to Romain (the bass player). He was quiter than the other 2 but really nice. He seemed a bit flattered when I asked him to sign the drusmtick and told him that I liked the way he was playing his bass. Seems like he didn't expected anyone to recognize them


Lau seems to be such a nice person. He got this very rare 'atmosphere' surronding him. You know sometimes you just meet people where you think that they just can't be angry at all because they seem so extremly nice. I think Lau is one of these blessed people with such an aura.

Søren: seemed to be the most busiest one of the three. Maybe it's because he's also the band manager(at least their homepage says that).... everytime he passed the place where we were sitting (before the concert) we were too afraid to stop him because he seemed to be not willing to spend a few minutes with us.
But of course I was wrong he is indeed very nice too. After the concert I asked him if he can teach me 1 danish sentence (he offered it during their show so it was a good way to start a small conversation). We were so busy with our language lesson that we forgot to look into the camera (F. just wanted to take a group picture with the band and me) so what you can see on the right is the result XD

Morten was bit quiet but he also seemed to be such a nice guy. I actually like his eyelashes they are really bright blond which looks amazing. Unfortunately the only "conversation" with him during Frankfurt was when he loled at a facial expression was putting on when I was looking at a picture I just took from them and F. . He somehow found it funny how I lifted one of my eyebrows really critical - his laugh was awesome XD

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