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Cologne 2009
Click here to read my german report. It's extremely long and contains much more details.

Date: 16th of November 2009
Location: Lanxess Arena, Cologne
Capacity: between 16.000 and 20.000
Support Act: Biffy Clyro
Place: first row standing-room on Matt's side
Rating:5 out of 5

Pictures: None

46 hours later:
"My voice is still more than just weak. If I don't want to sound like a slaughtered, squeaking wathever-thing and just like a bass-sounding rasp I still have to concentrate on that pretty much....

Furthermore after my short wake-up-delirium ("OMG I can't move! My right half - dead!") I can feel some permanent damage. My left leg has got so bad muscle ache that I can't walk properly. The rest of the pain seems to be overpowered by my hormones of happiness."

So this was mir first ever live experience - my first concert. Still my favorite one because of the stimulus satiation. EVERYTHING was completely new and exiting to me.

2009 was the time before I got really involved with my beloved PGT-Messageboard-Fanbase. So I was accompanied by a really good friend from Cologne (we slept at his house) and another friend. Me and A. were able to get her into Muse too.

To be continued....

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