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Matrix Bochum 2011
Date: 13th November 2011
Location: Matrix Bochum (well-known disco)
Capacity: The location is build for mabye 900 but I suppose we were sth like 60-200 people.Maybe. I'm not good at guessing
Support Act: Rubylux
Place: first row near the middle. Slight tendency towards Sørens side :p
Rating: 4,5/5 stars


Pictures: posted on Facebook

Videos: Here embed on this blog (uploaded with youtube)

♫ Pointless moaning in order to get some pity....

Sitting here in the middle of the night at a dangerous train station. Train too late as always. Freezing like hell.Listening to 'Soldier' by Rubylux on repeat (cuz it's kind of my soundtrack for the whole day).And this stupid McDonalds-Woman was not able to sell me a hot choclate.


Me: *shaking bc it's so cold* C-C-an- I have hot ch-choclate pl-leasee?qq“
Woman: No, I'm just washing the machine it takes at least 20 minutes.
Me: -kkkayy.Then I'll take a Capri Sonne uu
Woman: No it's only included in the kids menu.
Me: I just want drink! Just sth.! Pl-llleaseeeee ?? QQ
Bitch: Apfelschorle?
Me: ….. ( I hate it)

Now I'll ride with the train all night and then go to University immediately to visit a lecture about some Basics of Empirical Social Research. Yay. [EDIT: No, to be honest I decided to get home immediately. I figured out that I was stinking like ... idk from all that sweat and I was tired as fuck as well.]


Where to start?
I had really high expectations because of all the money I spend for getting there. I „acidentally“ took the wrong kind of train (RB trains are free for some lines with my University-Card but I took an ICE...) so I had to pay another 26,40€ (makes a Total of ~65€)
(and Sänk yuhhh for trävelling wif Deutsche Bahn of course -.-). And before that I entered the wrong train (driving to Luxembourg) but however that's just me....

This was my third time seeing Carpark North in 2011. At first I was a bit dissapointed because neither Puggy nor Surfact joined them as support but seriously.... the Rubylux guys are just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G (and most important thing: they love Muse :p). But let me start at the beginning:

♫ Meeting friends...

At Bochum Hauptbahnhof I met with two girls from Facebook called Sarah and Kathrin. They are so nice I had the greatest time with them <3

We arrived at Matrix 3pm and it felt like -20°Degrees . Just a bit cold. Maybe. But we had lots of fun sitting under our rescue blanket. The most amazing thing was that I met a Muse-Fan and guess who it was? A Police Men XDD

♫ Talking to the Police...

We were sitting there and saw the police car passing by. Few minutes later they returned,stopped the car in front of us and asked what we are doing here. So I stood up, walked to their car and talked to them. They never heard of Carpark North (Idiots :p) and then suddenly one of the police men pointed at my Muse-Hoodie:

Policeman: „Omg are MUSE playing tonight?“
Me: „No Woah but you know them?? :D“
Policeman: „Yeah sure I got everything from them... they are kind of my favorite band“
Me: „Woahh omg MINE TOO!!! :DD (no that was NOT obvious with my Hoddie and my Muse-bag * epicfacepalm *)

And I also said to him that they could come and join us when they are finished with their work.
They are definately my favorite police men ever :D

So besides that we spend our time with various things like counting red cars and making La-Ola for them, checking out the CN Staff leaving and entering their Tourbus, making gymnastics.... just the usual things you do when waiting outside of a venue and trying to avoid thinking "It's cold. It's so c-c-c-ooollddd I'm dyin".

♫ Finally seeing one of the bands....

Rubylux arrived a bit late … later Søren said sth about a petrol station and so on... didn't understood all of it but sounds like they just had kind of the same trouble than I had with my trains xD.
But when they arrived we had a great laugh. When their bus entered the parking lot I can cleary remember Sarah being like "Lol omg I bet that's Ruby's tourbus xD" but she was just kidding so when one of the bandmembers came out we found that kinda funny :D Seriously that bus kicks ass.

They left the bus (guess someone was just asking where to park the bus) and they started playing football?? Definately fun to watch and we kinda shocked Clark by saying Hi to him when he came to get the ball back. He really looked like „wth??? erm... Hallohhh?“ (btw u ever heard a Britian trying to speak german? Priceless :D)

While waiting more and more Fans arrived and I made lots of acquaintanceships with many nice people (that's what makes concerts even more special isn't it? A show can be beyond awesome but it doesn't matter when the people suck)

♫ Getting in and first impression from the stage...

When we finally got in (feet dead, everything dead. Maybe it was even colder than -20°degrees??) I stood a little bit left from the middle (yeahhh best view on everything hell yes xDD)I found out that the stage level was higher than In Frankfurt earlier this year but not as high as the Bakkushan stage which was a good thing for health and security. But I don't like the effect it had on eg. the lighting. The light-show was good but as soon as you wanted to take a picture it ended up really awful without a reflex camera or sth like that.
And also and the fact that I couldn't really see the face of the musicians standing infront of me because they were just so high is a negative point but I blame the Matrix for that :p. But in the end I ended up filming their di... erm their guitars. Don't blame me I'm just too small! XDD

Now I'll trying to sort everything by reviewing the shows of each band seperately and my „Meeting-experiences“:

Rubylux: (The Show)

Who are they?
British Band from Brighton playing erm... music. I'm not good at these genre shit but having my own music library in mind they play kind of Alterna-Rock but not this fuck-the-system-loud-n-heavy kind of Rock more soft-Rock or sth idk. The band is consisting of singer/guitarist Rob, Drummer Mike, Keyboard-Man Adam and Bass player Clark.
So what are their songs about? It's only my interpretation but I think their music is mainly about following your dreams, enjoying every single moment of your life and not letting globalisation and Alienation of people,... kill your feelings (especially love) because they are what makes you a human being. In Short: Keep pace and remember who you are even though the world is telling you to hurry up with everything u do.

I was so relieved that I was not the only one knowing their songs. Found out about them when they were announced as support act and my first thought about their music was sth along the lines of:

„Hmm.... erm... welll...that sounds a bit erm.... boring?“

Yeah. My thoughts exactly. You can kill me if you want to. I deserve. But in the end it went the same way as with lots of other bands (Including Muse and Carpark North!). I fell in love with them when I gave them a second chance like 24h later or sth. I was hardly listening to anything else the week before the concert, singing along to their songs and so on... just the usual *first-week-of-falling-in-love-with-new-music-delirium*

I think I can say I was as nervous seeing them play as I was for Carpark. Or maybe even a bit more nervous about RL because I've seen CN so many times that I know now what's expecting me.

They started their set with 'They sold You' . But unfortunately I was way too busy to fully enjoy. I was not even singing along that loud for the first few minutes:

So many things going through my mind like eg. trying to observe/"understand" the harmony between the bandmembers, watching them play together... in short getting a first impression of Rubylux-Live and at the same time trying to find out if the rest of the crowd likes it too.

And I was so confused because their bass player was taking off his shoes and played the whole concert in his (pretty awesome) woolen socks. You know I got a weakness for these kind of socks so I tried to figure out if they are handmade or from a shop XDD

However it only took sth like 6 minutes and I was already embarrased as fuck:


Rob (singer/guitarist): (~sth like that) Well the next song we'll play is called.... Insiiideeeee.

It was NOT this kind of „Awesome I love this song!“- kind of scream. No.... It was that kind of scream I eg. used when Matt Bellamy was kneeling down with his Glitterati Manson (the real one!) right in front of me. Well ok hands down it was not THAT extreme but loud enough for this small crowd so everyone heard it xD
I totally lost the plot bc I was so happy that I knew this song & it's one of my favorites- well... somehow I was the only one *blushes*
At least the guys and the audience seemed to had a good laugh at me so I think it was worth it.

Plus It made me happy to see that there were people around me actually having a good time and (later on) buying their allbum. They so much deserve it.

  When they played Screaming Surrender I was not the only one Screaming (not surrender xD) My new found friends were mad about this song too so no need to feel embarrassed this time

They also played a song called "Black Sun Needs Spark" and I found myself singing along although I never heard that song before. I'm really good at this ^^

Summary: Clark got awesome socks. Nuff said. I was really tempted to ask him If I can have one as souvenier but then my sanity came back XD And he's not using a pick for his bass...

No Seriously....I really enjoyed their show although it was too short.
And they haven't played Westminster or Soldier (my two absolute favorites)
Okay maybe this was a wise desicion since my reaction would have been erm.... let's just say the Inside-Incidence was just a warm-up compared to this. Maybe I would have frightened them so much that they decide not to come back to germany :O

Talking of coming back: I heard a rumor... that they will return next year :D
Hopefully I can make it. The chances are not the best cuz of university,Exams, application for Erasmus and of course my Dream Theater concert in February but who could say no to maybe Frankfurt, Trier, Saarbrücken? :D And I really really want to see them again.
And I need to meet my lovely girls again ♥

Rubylux: (Meeting Experiences and other stuff)

*beginning of drumstick spam*
I think I got a drumstick-thing (altough I never played drums but they are looking good on my wall xD). After the show I asked Rob if I could have one of Mikes (drummer) sticks and he said yes he'd search for one. Well they nearly got everything down from the stage and I wasn't really expecting him to come back cuz he already said good-bye to us. But then Mike came with 2 sticks and Rob showed him where I was standing and then I got my drumstick <33
Awwwww that was sooooo sweet of them to remember me :D

The Drumstick itself was SO different from the one I got from Ziggy (Puggy). Not only was Mikes bigger and longer but also the wood was really different and easier to demage. Plus Ziggy's got millions of small little bruises while Mikes was just... there are no words to explain I really feel sorry for this poor stick XD.
I don't think they look so different because Mike played harder or sth. I'm not an drumming expert but Ziggy played the Teaser-Solo (here) with it so I think it's just sth in the way they are playing drums and what kind of sticks they are using.

(click to enlarge)

Maybe I should really start to play the Drums just to find out how drumsticks can look so different after being used xD
*End of drumstick spam*

After the show I brought their record (Fake Control) and then went to meet them. Taking the possibility I let them sign like everything just in case xD As I did with Puggy they had to sign the drumstick of course. They did really well with that and the bandlogo really turned out to be a little masterpiece.

Then they had to sign the booklet of my CD and another picture (proving their creativity by adding some details to the picture XD)

Well and then I had a photo :D Sadly the light was really really reallly bad so I got one completely black pic and one which looks like we're in The House of the Rising Sun or sth XD

Best thing …. I asked them about Muse. Well-prepared as I always am I found out on the internet that at least some of them like them.
To keep it short I'll just quote Adam: „Muse? Best Band in the World!“. This. And he was at Wembley! QQ

Their favorite Songs/Album are revolving around Showbiz (Falling Down, Cave,..) and so they earned 1 Million mental symphaty points simply by knowing them AND not being part of the „Twatlight-Generation“.

Rubylux are one of these bands you immediately get warm with easily cuz it's just so easy to talk to them. It's not this awkward atmosphere when Fans and Bands come together and no one knows what to make of it. I felt this vibe of unsecurity for example when talking to the bass player from Puggy in some moments. But when you're able to understand their accent it's no problem to get along.

Well the accent. I figured out that I really need some practice with that since I had to concentrate to really understand every word. The only accent I really can listen to without having trouble seems to be the Devonshire-Muse-MattbellamyImtalkintoofastandcan'topenmamouthpwoperly-Accent and of course that useless school english I was taught.
Rubylux' accents weren't that bad I was just not used to the sound of it. I think actually it's easier to understand once you heard it few times.

Well I had nice conversations, watched Clark drawing flowers and listened to his attempt to speak german (maybe he should practice verb conjugation but really... I've heard much worse xD) in short... having so much fun that I nearly forgot about Carpark signing stuff in the next room XD

Carpark North: (Show & Meeting)


I already know that this part of the review is gonna be shorter than the first part. I'd like to point out that this is NOT because CN have disappointed me or sth. They were great and their show was better than the one at Bochum Total. CN were the reason why I was at this concert and it made me happy to see them again.

It's just that I've seen them so many times that I feel like some aspects I already mentioned in other reviews before don't need to be written down over and over again. So I'll try to concentrate on certain aspects and that's it

They started their show with 'Burn It' again. Again.... that's a perfect opener it's like... omg. So we totally went mental during that intro while first Morten then Lau and after that Søren entered the stage. This time the beginning of the show was really special for me because I haven't seent he boys before the show this time so I've seen them for the very first time after Bochum Total and ....well :D

The best thing was the intimate atmosphere we had. That was the big minus point from Bochum Total and this time all was well again. In fact it was just like Frankfurt again: You really had to watch out for your fingers because Søren and Lau jumped right infront of you without a warning :D You really had to watch out not to be hit by a guitar and again I was able to collect Sørens sweat xD Seriously that might sound a bit ugly now but it's one of the most refreshing things during a concert XD I really don't "prefer" these small 100people gigs but they are just so very special I don't want to miss them. It's a difference being smashed at a barrier 100k people behind you and watching a big UFO or any other kind of show effect or just having the most of fun with a small amount of people being so extremly close that you can see every facial expression of the artists. As a friend said "It was all about the music".
And CN are just so good with small crowds.

The way he moves on stage is just so very unike as well as his appearance. He was wearing his white shoes again- I already missed them xD He never fails to motivate us to sing even louder even when we already thought we are giving 100%. And his jumping around is so uncontrolled and elephant-like I noticed that for the very first time xDD I was really afraid that he'll fall down the stage or sth but of course he didn't

Oh and he gave me one of his guitar pics <333 Now I got one from Søren (Frankfurt), Lau's now I only need one of Mortens drumsticks and my life is complete *lol*

But actually the funny thing is, that I'm using exactly the same picks than Lau :D I talked to him about this after the show and he explained that he loves them because they got a good grip. Totally agreed.

Awwww with every time I see him play I love that guy even more. I don't know what he's doing but I have never been so fascinated when watching a drummer. I'm usually not being the one taking a close look at drummers but there is sth in the way he plays drums that's getting my attention over and over again. And I loved how he always searched eye-contact with the crowd. It's sth that reminds me so much of my beloved Chris from Muse - this ability to make everyone in the room believe that he's seeing you so to say. Oh and btw I loved the clothes he was wearing xD
Nawww and so sweet when I talked to them after the show Morten said that he forgot my book in Copenhagen (I already knew this before xD) and he said that he really should practice more with it. Aww damn dunno why but I found this so sweet cuz I really think their german is very good :D
So I tried to encourage him because I really think that the only problem with his and Sørens german is that they seem to be afraid to say sth wrong. But they don't struggle too much with pronunciation and they had 5 years of german lessons so all they need is to finally start talking without thinking too much about grammar.
Hihi and I think Lau liked it when I told him that I think his german is getting better :D

Ahh well. What to say? I got a slight weakness for that guy. He is so damn talented, intense, crazy idk... he's a Beast. And btw a good looking one... As well as Lau he got his very own style and way to move on stage. Watching him during the Eric Prydz thing is always SO entertaining he is really into the music. Like really into it. Maybe you remember this intense feeling I had when watching him sing a verse from 'Heart of Me' in Frankfurt. Again I had this feeling watching him during 'Fireworks' this time.

Speaking of Fireworks. I fuckin love this song. The girls voice at the beginning nearly made me cry it's just so sad idk why. Everytime I hear this song I need to think about "Who is this Alice?" Haven't found an answer yet.
Woah and Fireworks: During the end Søren totally lost the plot xDDD Massive....first he started jumping the way he usually does- the Kangaroo-style. But then He jumped around like he really wants to do a breakthrough into the stage or sth.
Only thing I disagree with is that they have chosen red-light for the song. If you ask me this song should get white-blue light but however :p Fireworks was also the reason why I was 'okay' with the sad fact that they haven't played Heart of Me

So for their show this was clearly better than BT (keyword intimacy) and the crowd was better than Frankfurt. I could write now about how awesome they are for the 1000th time but I think this would end up in endless omgomgmgferhguehfur ahhhhh fuck awwww woahhhhhhh's

As already mentioned I talked with them after the show and let them sign sth and my new pick by Lau. Oh and I told Søren (oh and btw someone from Ruby too xD)about my Finland plans bc I wanted to know when they'll play gigs in germany AND Finland next year depending on where I'll be. So I'm quite positive now that I can also see them when being in Finland.
Naww and I couldn't resist asking Lau about 'Heart of Me' *sfz* He said they wanted to change up things a bit. well I like that in general that's a good idea. Nothing is more boring than same setlists over years... (*cough*Muse*cough*)But 'Heart of Me?' QQ Well but on the other hand maybe it makes this song even more special when they are not playing it every time and it get's normal. Yeah okay I see... but nawww
If they want to change up things even more I'd suggest to bring back 'There's a Place', 'Berlin' or performing the acoustic version of 'Everything starts again' or 'Wild Wonders'.
Maybe I should start my own band since I'm always lamenting xDDD

Oh my god and it just made me SO happy to talk to them again. I really appreciate their personalitys and I really care about them. Being immediately recognized by them made me feel warm inside


I was a bit afraid of the gig because it was my 3th time seeing them in 2011 and lately I wasn't listening to their music as often as I used to do earlier : No need to worry as soon as they entered the stage I knew it was the right decision to get there. I love their shows so much I prefer them over their records, seriousl

I met so so so sooooo nice people. Really I always thought these Echelons are all a bit strange and maybe they are. But I am too so what?XD There are not just these little screaming "OMFG TSCHÄRETT LETÖÖÖ!!MARRY ME!!"-girls. The girls I met were so oh my god I immediately felt warm with them just the same sensation I usually have with every Muser I meet.

And I found a new brilliant mind-blowing band full off lovely guys with awesome taste in music: Rubylux. I really really need to see them again. I just hope they are keeping their promise and come back here in February/March. I'm still waiting for Puggy to come here........but I'm positive they won't be able to stay away since I believe they were a bit suprised that german crowds can be cool at times. We're not these boring prim tie-wearing people and whatever anyone might think :D Although I agree that germans are more "well-behaved" (2nd time to quote Morten with this XD) but this does not mean we can't freak out when I awesome band plays :D

The concert only gets 4,5 stars because:


  • the stage was a little bit too high
  • the light got me in trouble at times

  • Rubylux played too short (and no Westminster )
  • it was fuckin cold & the bands were just sitting inside not thinking about getting us sth warm to drink xD
  • CN haven't played Heart of Me
  • and finally again just 4,5 stars bc it was really cold XD
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